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We’re huge typophiles over here at Swift towers, so we understand the need for decent web fonts. Pinpoint supports all of the Google web fonts available. Just select the one you want from the drop down in the font theme option. If for some reason the one you want is not in the list, let us know and we’ll update it for you. If you would like to use a web font from somewhere else, we can help you with that too.

Of course you can still choose a default font if you wish. We’re still big fans of Helvetica and Myriad! You can find out more about the colour options for your fonts here

Font Options

Font Awesome Icons

Font Awesome is a full pictographic desktop font of web-related actions. It features 220 vector icons that are infinitely scalable, screen reader compatible and even supported by IE7. Pinpoint comes with Font Awesome installed as standard, and it gives you the control to decide how you want them to look. Choose from 4 different sizes (small, medium, large & extra small when used as part of a link), any color you want, whether or not they’re contained, and how they’re positioned.

Find out more about using icons in Pinpoint

Visit the Font Awesome site

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