Unlimited Colors

Pinpoint gives you unparalleled access to its color properties, a total of 46 different elements that can be customised using the Colorizer. As well as your standard options, you can also change the colour of various shortcode elements allowing you another level of customisation.


Colorizer Options

Accent Color

Page Colors:

  • Background Color (boxed layout only)
  • Page Background Color
  • Section Divider Color

Header Colors:

  • Breadcrumb Background Color
  • Breadcrumb Text Color
  • Breadcrumb Link Color
  • Header Background Color
  • Phone Number Text Color

  • Auxiliary Area Colors:

  • Auxiliary Background Color
  • Auxiliary Alt Background Color
  • Auxiliary Text Color
  • Auxiliary Link Color

  • Navigation Colors:

  • Navigation Background Color
  • Navigation Text Color
  • Navigation Selected Color
  • Navigation Arrow Color
  • Sub Menu Background Color
  • Sub Menu Text Color
  • Sub Menu Selected Color
  • Navigation Divider Style & Color

  • Page Heading Colors:

  • Page Heading Background Color
  • Page Heading Text Color
  • Filter/RSS Border Color

  • Body Colors:

  • Body Text Color
  • H1 Text Color
  • H2 Text Color
  • H3 Text Color
  • H4 Text Color
  • H5 Text Color
  • H6 Text Color
  • Impact Text Color
  • Link Text Color
  • Alt Background Color
  • Impact Text Color

  • Shortcode Colors:

  • Pricing Table Primary Background Color
  • Pricing Table Secondary Background Color
  • Pricing Table Tertiary Background Color
  • Icon Container Background Color
  • Icon Color
  • Tab Rollover Color

  • Footer Colors:

  • Footer Background Color
  • Footer Text Color
  • Footer Link Color
  • Copyright Background Color
  • Copyright Text Color

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